Here is a list of band that recorded at FIFTY50 Records. Great guys, all of them - with good music. We hope to hear more from the them in future and good luck!


best vegan basement punkrock from Leipzig (D). our house mates.
sound sample: Zweitig (mp3)
powerful scream-along Punkrock from Leipzig (D). Our other house mates.
sound sample: Tribute (mp3)

SkaPunk from Oberwiesenthal (D, Erzgebirge mountains)
sound sample: Mr.Wrong (mp3)
catchy, grungy alternative rock from Leipzig (D).
sound sample: Letter to ... (mp3)

Punkrock from Leipzig, Germany. FIFTY50 @ FIFTY50 Records. Yes baby
sound sample: My Decision (mp3)
NewSchool Hardcore form Leipzig (D)

sound sample: Son of ... (mp3)



Benne recording, Säsh enjoying, FIFTY50 @ FIFTY50 Records

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